People love the artwork in our pub. So much so that we have decided to dedicate this page of our website to our favourite local artist, Chris Thomas.  Here you can browse a selection of his work or fill out the contact form below if you are interested in ordering a commission, limited edition print or original piece.

Chris Working
Chris is a self-taught artist who overcame a lack of opportunity through dedication and hard work. Originally from Eastbourne Chris moved to East London at the age of 23 where he lived with Malcolm Livingstone, the famous cartoonist for "cozmic comics" and "Time Out". Malcolm was the person who encouraged Chris to develop his talent.

After seeing some rough work Malcolm asked Chris to create clay sculptures from some of his drawings. Later he convinced Chris to try his hand at painting, which didn't go well at first. Chris went to Malcolm and told him "Sorry Malcolm, I can't paint. I can only draw" Malcolm looked at Chris and said "Alright Chris, don't paint then - draw with a paint brush". After this Chris never looked back.

Since then Chris  has traveled the world learning new techniques and skills from cultures across Asia, Europe and the Americas which are reflected in his unique style.

Whilst living in Malibu U.S.A Chris created story boards, film sets and sculptures for the Hollywood art director Alan Roderick-Jones as well as selling commissions and canvases to various people including Steve McQueen's wife Ali MacGraw. Of his time in the U.S his favourite memory was getting drunk with Miles Davis.

Despite all this success Chris returned to the UK to reunite with his brother who sadly passed away soon after. During this time Chris met his partner, Marlene and settled in Hitchin where they have lived together for the last 30 years.

Here at The George we hope you enjoy Chris' artwork as much as we do. For further information please use the form below and we will pass your details on to the man himself.

Contact Chris Thomas

Below you can find a selection of artwork by Chris. The images are watermarked to protect his work.  If you would like to purchase prints, originals or commission new works please use the contact form on this page.